Women's Herbs

What makes 'My Women's Herbs' one of the sought after Herbal Supplements for Overall Health, Vitality, Energy and Sexual Wellbeing

Holistic Herbalist presents 'My Women's Herbs' as a herbal supplement that supports the complex herbal and nutritional requirement of females that few companies can relate with, devise, formulate and produce dietary supplement for.

Whatever the age of a lady - 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or more - they can always relate well to  smooth and supple skin exuberating radiant health and charm, attractive figure, sufficient energy to meet stressful daily chores at home and office and smooth and comfortable menstruation.

Don't worry, we have not forgot to include younger and age defying looks. We are actually not limited to looks from outside, we have created a synergy of herbs that makes it possible from INSIDE OUT.

Ladies, 'My Women's Herbs' is your natural and holistic answer for overall health and wellbeing.

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My Women's Herbs - Dietary Herbal Supplement for Overall Female Health and Wellbeing

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Why do Women need different set of herbs than men? Why is it necessary to provide Dynamic Balance and Support to them?

We have written about the same issue in the context of males. You can check it in 'My Men's Herbs'. We talked about different needs of herbal supplements for males and females. Here, you will find why the need for different herbal supplement is necessary for ladies health.

Nature has put so much wizardry in female body that they are not just 'better half'. They are more than 'a-full-men'. While men seek control, dominance and authority; women are after expression, release, acceptance. Women are the true symbol of balance and synergy.

Years before puberty is the first phase in their life.

If you see a girl at puberty, she is under a direct flux of transition. Each 'period' or a menstrual cycle  sets a new tone to a girl's life. If a day is a unit for males, a month is the shortest ideal physiological unit for a lady.

Each month has two different phases - pre-ovulation and post ovulation. During these times, it is not just hormones that changes in the blood stream, it is their entire persona, their physiology, thinking, attitude, feelings and emotions that goes through these cycles.

Expression is the center of female's life. Nature makes it further manifested in the form of secondary sexual characteristics - the bust and the bums, eyes and face, figure, curves and contours, tone of voice, angles and swing at the elbow, wider hip joint with sharper angle of thighs, waving and spiraling movements of bums and body language. Everything manifested superbly!

Even Nature has to work really really hard to craft and design a lady!

This is further made complex by pregnancy that is like a 180 degree turn for a lady. This turn affects everything - weight, figure, hormones, psychology, literally everything.

I often joke with my wife that my contribution in our kids is just one tiny sperm cell among 100 trillion plus cells present in average human body. Look what has been really contributed by men!

Few months has to pass after delivery of baby to resume normalcy of pre-pregnancy state. This becomes again complex as most ladies give birth to more than one child.

Finally, Nature's infallible wand of aging sets in terminates active reproductive life with menopause. Again, it takes few years to get adjusted to this phase in life.

But, you would ask what it has to do with Herbal Supplements for women health?

We don't take it in literary sense even though it makes makes a good sense.

Holistic Herbalist took lot of effort to meet the complex nutritional requirement of a lady during active reproductive phase with menstrual cycle. Actually, we had most number of herbs and minerals in this herbal supplement. Perhaps, no other herbal supplement from us would have same number of ingredients in future.

'My Women's Herbs' represent the synergy and balance of natural botanicals and minerals that a lady actually needs, that meets the holistic profile of a lady.

It will help them to say, "GET, SET, GO" to every day with a dynamic attitude leaving their charm and expressing their self.

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The New Definition of 'Sexual Taboo' and Sexual Herbal Supplements for Women Health:

Sex or Sex enhancing supplements are considered as a taboo even in modern developed world, especially when considered from the viewpoint of herbal supplement companies. You can find exciting and provoking pictures and graphics on websites selling sexual enhancement products.

We present the concept and practice of female sexuality and sexual enhancement in a new light. Sexuality is completely integrated with health and wellbeing of reproductive organs, female hormones and good general physical health and joyous predisposition.

Sex enhancing herbal supplements are not really required with 'My Women's Herbs' as this contains a group of rejuvenative herbs like Indian Asparagus, Dioscorea, Tribulus and Asphatum that make you have feel energetic, have charming body and fitness, and have healthy libido and sexual drive.

Sex stimulating herbs that work on a male body are actually not appropriate for females. Women's health and sexuality need another level of sophistication and balance.

'My Women's Herbs' answer the female sexuality, reproductive health and general wellbeing in its totality and holistic sense. You can see below how it is fulfilling all these.

On What Fronts 'My Women's Herbs' work for overall health and wellbeing of Ladies - The TRUE Balance of Herbal Health Recipe for Women:

We follow the principles laid out in Ayurvedic disciplines of Rasayana, Vajikarna, StreeRoga (The art of Rejuvenation, Sexual and Reproductive wellbeing and Female disorders) and come out with true herbal health recipe for females.

The true synergy doesn't come out with balance of herbal ingredients like we have done in herbal supplements for men or for other problems. Herbal Formula for ladies' health doesn't need merely balance.

True synergy comes with ability to achieve DYNAMIC BALANCE that females actually needs!

The complex need for hormonal balance and reproductive health are taken care of herbs like Ashoka Tree, Lodha Tree, Sappanwood and Myrrh. They also help to regulate menstrual cycle and tone reproductive organs and free you from common discomforts associated with menstruation.

The presence of Aloe vera and Sacred Lotus along with above mentioned herbs work on the health and looks of your skin. 'My Women's Herbs' really provides natural age defying herbs, from inside, not merely as outer cosmetics.

Flame-of-the-forest herb is famous traditionally for its effects in keeping the prominence of bulges of feminine bust and prominence of feminine features. Other herbs along with it helps to give youthful and attractive bounce to a lady's features.

Zinc, Iron and Copper are the minerals that keep many physiological processes in sync and add to the power of herbal ingredients of 'My Women's Herbs'.

So, 'My Women's Herbs' has it all what you need - menstrual and reproductive wellbeing, energy, fitness, muscles, feminine figure, glowing skin and all that you need. Isn't it really wonderful?

We have done everything to keep that balance in the most sophisticated manner so that you could use 'My Women's Herbs' with full confidence.

My Women's Herbs nourishes your physiology and all its parts and replenishes everything naturally. You can feel the surge of warmth, passion and energy that had been active during youthful days.


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What is the Herbal Health Recipe of My Women's Herbs?

This dietary herbal supplement has blend of these herbs and minerals...

  1. Asparagus racemosus or Shatavari or Indian Asparagus Root Powder
  2. Dioscorea bulbifera or Varahikand or Dioscorea Root Extract
  3. Saraca indica or Ashoka or Ashoka Tree Bark Extract
  4. Symplocos racemosa or Lodhra or Lodha Tree Bark Extract
  5. Caesalpinia sappan or Patranga or Sappanwood Extract
  6. Tribulus terrestris or Gokhru or Tribulus Seed Extract
  7. Aloe vera or Ghritkumari or Aloe Vera Leaf Pulp Extract
  8. Asphaltum punjabium or Shilajeet or Asphaltum Extract
  9. Butea monosperma or Palash or Flame-of-the-forest Bark Extract
  10. Nelumbo nucifera or Kamal or Sacred Lotus Whole Plant Powder
  11. Piper longum or Pippali or Long Pepper Fruit Powder
  12. Commiphora myrrha or Heerabol or Myrrh Exudate Powder
  13. Zinc as Zinc Oxide
  14. Iron as Ferrous Fumarate
  15. Copper as Copper Sulphate

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Herbal Supplement for Women's Health - Women's Dietary and Nutritional Supplement

Herbal Supplements for Women - My Women's Herbs

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablets of 'My Women's Herbs' after breakfast and after dinner with water.

Any other Suggestion: Yes, even though body and mind appears to be separate, our life depends upon their co-ordination and sound health. It is better if combine this herbal supplement with 'My Joyful Mind'. Literally, nothing can beat this combination - body and mind in perfect health!

Of course, You can compliment your husband or partner with 'My Men's Herbs'and 'My Joyful Mind'. Can you think of a better and fuller and more fulfilling experience that this? You and Your loved one, in full sync, with body and mind!


My Women's Herbs
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Natural PMS / Menstrual Health Support
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Natural PCOs Support for Women
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Fertility Enhancer Herbs for Women
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1 Box of these Herbal Supplements contain 30 Tablets of 1000 mg Each.
# Only Asparagus Plus Box contains 60 Tablets of 1000 mg each.
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