Slim Body

Herbal Supplement for Natural and Safe Weight Loss and Management

Slim Body and attractive figure is desired by all. If you are in good shape, it adds tremendous value to your health as well. Of course, a normal men or women is not after model like looks or physique.

If your weight in proportionate to your body frame and height, and if your muscle to fat proportion is appropriate, it is perfect for most individuals.

However, the current reality is far from this.

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My Slim Body - Dietary Herbal Supplement for Natural Weight Control

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Know how your body puts on weight:

Broadly speaking, if your mildly or even moderately overweight, it is not considered a health problem unless your weight gain is not caused by disorders like Hypothyroidism or other diseases.

Your weight gain is not controlled by only one factor. Body acquires weight and it is an interplay of these factors...

  1. Diet or what you eat

  2. Digestion or what your stomach and intestine do with food

  3. Elimination, Detox and Cleansing measures of body

  4. Physical Activity

  5. Metabolism - what your body does to nutrients derived from food after digestion

  6. Hormones

  7. Stress or Psychology

  8. Your Genetics

  9. Any other disease or any other medicines

Even though many diet programs are available and endorsed by many specialists, the importance of metabolism, especially of fat and sugar metabolism, is of supreme importance when you want to control weight with natural and herbal measures.

What you are going to read here, can't be found on any other website selling herbs or herbal supplements for weight loss. You are reading about "My Slim Body" and we are trying to point you to 'the true north' of being healthy and getting in desired shape, of which "My Slim Body" is just an important and powerful part.

Secondly, even if one of these factors can be controlled by you or are in your favor, the effect of holistic measures coming from all of these approaches will always be better.

Simply, when you do something about these factors, you can easily maintain optimal weight and shed off extra pounds.

If you have come here, searching for magical pills for weight loss that you can gulp down and you could emerge as slim and trim in few weeks without changing or modifying your diet and lifestyle, you are at the wrong place.

We don't sell hype.

We do provide best of the breed herbal supplements amalgamated with world class Health and Wellness wisdom that you can access anytime, anywhere, online.

When you buy and use "My Slim Body", we open doors of Ayurveda's Personal Health and Mentoring program to further your knowledge and practice of these factors and make it easy to achieve your health goals and desired weight. All Naturally!

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The Story of Fat Burners:

I wish that there could be some switch in body that your gradually twist and you could return to youthful figure in few hours or weeks.

I wish that there could be some switch that could be flipped and all your extra body fat could be burned.

I wish that there could be some magic herb or supplement for reaching this.

I am sorry that nothing such thing actually exists.

You body does 3 things food that you eat or drink.

  1. Digestion

  2. Metabolism

  3. Elimination

Of course, there are some foods and herbs that influence positively normal physiological metabolism of fat and sugar in your body. And these extend solid helping hands to you if you desire to maintain weight and lose extra pounds.

Their influence is gradual and natural and harmless. This is what is simply meant by fat burner herbs.

Why are you talking about Sugar Metabolism?

Fatty and oily food stuff are actually as much culprits for your weight gain as sugar rich drinks and food items and carbs.

Your body is able to convert extra 'sugars' and 'carbs' as fat. So natural fat burners are of little use if they are not coupled with sugar metabolism balancing herbs.

That is why "My Slim Body" is your ideal and one of the best choice for positively influencing both fat and sugar metabolism.

Actually, this represents all that herbs can do for managing weight naturally.

What "My Slim Body" is What "My Slim Body" is not
Natural Herbs with balanced Ayurveda formulation a Magical Pills, Physiological chemical
Influences Fat and Sugar Metabolism Hyped Claim as a wonder slimming product
Gradual and Natural Fast and Unnatural
Diet control and education is essential Diet control is not required
Exercise and Physical activity adds healthy value to your life Standalone, Super Effective product
No Side Effects Can't Say
Have other positive benefits because of herbal ingredients Can't Say
Time tested herbs for their benefits Not an Innovative Discovery from depth of Amazon or other forests
Plenty of Traditional, Logical and Researches based Support No manipulation

What is the Herbal Health Recipe of My My Slim Body?

This dietary herbal supplement has blend of these herbs...

  1. Commiphora mukul or Guggul or Guggulgum Extract
  2. Garcinia cambogia or Amlavetas or Garcinia Fruit Rind Extract
  3. Phyllanthus niruri or Bhumi Amalaki or Phyllanthus Whole Plant Extract
  4. Gymnema sylvestre or Gurmar or Gymnema Leaf Extract
  5. Momordica charantia or Karela or Bitter Melon Fruit Extract
  6. Plumbago zeylanica or Chitrak or Ceylon Leadwort Root Bark Powder
  7. Cinnamomum verum or Dalchini or Cinnamon Bark Powder
  8. Terminalia chebula or Haritaki or Chebulic Myrobalan Fruit Rind Powder
  9. Amomum subulatum or Badi Elaichi or Indian Cardamom Seed Powder

safe herbal supplements for weight loss

Safe Weight Loss Herbal Supplement

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablets of 'My Slim Body' after meals with water. It is better to take it with lukewarm water or with water at room temperature. Try to avoid cold or chilled water.

Other Supportive Supplement: 'My Slim Body' can be combined with 'My Active Liver' or 'My Joyful Mind'.

My Slim Body
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Active Thyroid Herbs For Men
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Active Thyroid Herbs For Women
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1 Box of these Herbal Supplements contain 30 Tablets of 1000 mg Each.
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