Men's Herbs

What makes 'My Men's Herbs' one of the sought after Herbal Supplement for Overall Health, Vitality, Energy and Sexual Wellbeing

Holistic Herbalist introduces 'My Men's Herbs' as a herbal supplement that supports the need of herbal nutrition for dynamic, outstanding and high performing persons.

Whatever the age of a male - 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or more - they can always relate well to muscles, power, driven, achievers, outstanding, peak performance, youth like stamina and sexual prowess.

But friends, conditions have changed even for teenagers. Present modern life posts each day with busy, hectic tasks and agendas on your daily calendar and tries to rob partially of your energy, enthusiasm and persona.

'My Men's Herbs' is your natural and holistic answer for overall Men's health and wellbeing.

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My Men's Herbs - Dietary Herbal Supplement for Overall Men's Health

Why do Men need different set of herbs than women?

I like the work of author John Gray, famous for his "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" series of books. He described one fact about male and female, "Men and Women are equal, but they are not same."

If you keep aside the insights from the author, human physiology and anatomy is best ground to attest to this truth.

When we are talking about equality, it could be about place in society, respect, work opportunity and many other aspects. But they are genuinely and totally different in structure of their body, its functioning and in their mind and heart.

That is why we we devised herbal supplement for he and she fellows. We respected this universal truth and came out with 'My Men's Herbs' and 'My WoMen's Herbs'.

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The New Definition of 'Sexual Taboo' in Sexual Herbal Supplements:

Sex or Sex enhancing supplements are considered as a taboo even in modern developed world. And the blame can be shared chiefly by herbal supplement companies and to some extent by people. You can find exciting and provoking pictures and graphics of websites selling sexual enhancement products.

Perhaps, it might be their way of standing or attracting attention among the plethora of companies. We at Holistic Herbalist want to provide you with natural, safe and effective supplements along with information what is equally vital for your health and wellbeing.

Sexual Enhancement is a selling stuff even though people feel a bit awkward. But We want to point out a significant insight from Ayurveda that will help you get across all this stuff.

Men's sexuality is a symbol of maturity of kid into teenage and adulthood. That is why you see everything masculine started with puberty. Before the puberty, there is little manifestation of inherent masculine and feminine nature in boys and girls.

The secondary sexual characteristics - development and prominence of muscles, appearance of semen, pubic hair, beard and moustache, change in thinking, voice, attitude and behavior - everything is related with sexuality.

Then, how could sex or sexual nature could be different from masculinity!

We ardently support the idea and ask you to reflect and accept it. When you are taking a balanced herbal supplement such as 'My Men's Herbs', don't consider it just working on or around the 'little-sometimes-shrinking-and-sometimes-expanding' stuff.

Even Sex Enhancing Herbs Need a Balance - Truth of Sexual Herbal Supplements usually gets ignored!

Ayurveda has an independent discipline or branch called Vajikarana. It means art and science of Sexual and Reproductive Wellbeing. The clear guidance is provided there about maintaining balance among four groups of herbs in any product for men or women health.

Few Ayurvedic or Herbal Supplements follow the principle and want to come first in the rat race of sex stimulating herbs. I have shared the details about these four groups of herbs in "Pearls of Wellbeing" program - our online personal health and wellness training program.

However, we have done everything to keep that balance in the most sophisticated manner so that you could use 'My Men's Herbs' with full confidence.

Isn't Poor Performance in Bed Related with Other Aspects of Your Life?

We want to ask a question, "What are the factors that causes poor or undesirable or unsatisfactory performance in bed?

Think closely about it. You might already have some answers.

Weak nerves, low Testosterone, poor blood supply to penis...

These are not REAL causes. These are the effects. Real monsters are rooted into our diet with insufficient specific nutrients, hectic lifestyle, little time for relationships that matter, long work hours, stress and aging with all these burdens. They are seeping your vitality. Your organs and their physiology is just the victim

My Men's Herbs nourishes your physiology and all its parts and replenishes everything naturally. You can feel the surge of warmth, passion and energy that had been active during youthful days.

On What fronts does 'My Men's Herbs' help a Men?

'My Men's Herbs has herbs to nurture and support a male body with unique set of herbal health recipe. You don't have to worry for any of these aspects...

  1. Physical energy levels
  2. Stamina, Fitness and Muscles
  3. Mental  and Nervous Strength
  4. Testosterones
  5. Sexual wellbeing - libido, sex drive and any other issue

I do play with my son of two years, Vurchas, on ground, before starting running, he wants me to say, "GET, SET, GO!"

Plants - Curculigo, Shilajeet or Asphaltum, Mucuna or Velvet Bean, Ashwagandha, Tribulus and Chinese Smilax - are saying you this.


Other supportive herbs include expensive herbs with strong aroma like Spanish Pellitory, Mace and Nutmeg. These plants had been extolled in traditional herbal systems for centuries and earlier used by Kings and Elites, that helps to keep your nerves and body in positively charged condition.

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What is the Herbal Health Recipe of My Men's Herbs?

This dietary herbal supplement has blend of these herbs and one mineral...

  1. Curculigo orchioides or Kali Musali or Black Musale Root Extract
  2. Asphaltum punjabium or Shilajeet or Asphaltum Extract
  3. Mucuna pruriens or Kaunch or Mucuna or Velvet Bean Seed Powder
  4. Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha or Indian Winter Cherry Root Extract
  5. Tribulus terrestris or Gokhru or Tribulus Seed Extract
  6. Myristica frangrans or Jaiphal or Nutmeg Seed Powder
  7. Anacyclus pyrethrum or Spanish Pellitory or Akarkara Root Powder
  8. Smilax china or Chopchini or Chinese Smilax Root Powder
  9. Myristica frangrans or Javitri or Mace Aril Powder
  10. Elettaria cardamomum or Ela or Cardamom Seed Powder
  11. Syzygium aromaticum or Lavang or  Clove Flower Bud Powder
  12. Piper cubeba or Sheetalchini or Cubeb Fruit Powder
  13. Zinc as Zinc Oxide

Herbal Supplement for Men's Health - Sexual Dietary Supplement

Herbal Sexl Enhancers - Sexual Herbal Supplement

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablets of 'My Men's Herbs' after breakfast and after dinner with water. Instead of taking 1 tablet two times a day, you can also take 2 tablets at a time, any time after meals.

Any other Suggestion: Yes, even though body and mind appears to be separate, our life depends upon their co-ordination and sound health. It is better if combine this herbal supplement with 'My Joyful Mind'. Literally, nothing can beat this combination - body and mind!

Of course, You can compliment your wife or partner with 'My Women's Herbs'and 'My Joyful Mind'. Hey, Friend, It is time to create value of better health in your beloved's life. Can you think of a better and fuller and fulfilling experience that this?

The Duo set free beyond all boundaries, Living and Loving Fully!

My Men's Herbs
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Men's Wellbeing Herbs
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Men's Sexual Enhancement Herbs
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Fertility Enhancer for Men
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