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Inviting National Business Associates for Health and Wellness Coaching & Herbal Supplements Business Opportunity from all over the world!

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Dear Friend,

Herbal Supplements Business Opportunity is a trend as entire Wellness Industry is catching speed.

I, Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar, Director of Holistic Herbalist Private Limited invites you to learn and later join hands with us, representing and partnering with us in your respective country as National Business Associate in Ayurveda based Herbal Supplements and our unique and integrated health and wellness mentoring programs.

With us, you will find a different and unique approach and you won't be limited to just being a herbs reseller or distributor. You will be really loving your business and work and feeling great for touching so many lives in the fulfilling and rewarding manner.

I will try to make it quite clear and systematic for you to understand what this kind of business opportunity requires and what it could deliver you.

I believe that it will be really fascinating for you, even if you don't find yourself ready, to take upon this.

Cheers and Regards,
Looking Forward to See YOU on Board Soon!
Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar

Who is Holistic Herbalist?

Holistic Herbalist is one of the leading Holistic and Natural Health and Wellbeing company.

We utilize ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Herbal Medicine, Modern Herbal Researches , Yoga, Fitness, Self-Help and Other Holistic Wellness disciplines to develop…

  1. Herbal Supplements
  2. Personal Health and Wellness Mentoring Programs
  3. Holistic Herbalist Practitioners Program covering Ayurveda, Yoga, Massage, Self-Help and Herbal Remedies

This makes Holistic Herbalist, one of the most synergistic, balanced and integrated health and Wellness Company. Doing business with us, as a consumer or practitioners or seller, gives you unparalleled experience in entire health and wellness domain.

So, we are not….Only a Herb or Supplement Seller.

We are facilitators of Natural Health and Wellbeing, transforming people's life with better health and greater happiness.

We sell Integrated Health and Wellness, Herbs and Supplements are a part of it.

We primarily represent the modern and global face of Ayurveda, Herbs, Yoga and Self-Help for personal health and wellbeing.

WE ARE SEEKING from all over world National Business Associate, who could partner with us, represent our herbal supplements, health and wellness programs, practitioner training programs, in their respective countries, in a fully legal manner, complying all rules and regulations of their country.

International Trade of Herbal Supplements

National and International trade of herbal supplements is on the steady rise year after year. However, import and export of herbal supplements is governed by rules and regulations of at least 2 participating countries.

There are several considerations before plunging into such business proposition. We have gone through this herbal supplements business opportunity with the perspective of attracting our National Business Associate (Persons and Companies who would be representing our products and services in their respective countries). It is important that you consider them...

Topmost Requirements for Becoming National Business Associate

Are you interested in doing herbal supplements business?

Holistic Herbalist provides one the best business opportunities for herbal supplements business. National Business Associate is the highest business opportunity and association that we provide. Find out what being our "National Business Associate" actually requires from you.

Value Added Services and Business Models for Herbal Supplements

We don't believe in selling you just herbs or herbal supplements. We offer a suite of Value Added Services in Herbal Supplements Business that are unique, innovative, collaborative and progressive. We describe several business models for herbal supplements international trade or exclusive business models where you, as the potential herbal supplements businessperson, can save yourself from common traps and pitfalls. Every herbal supplement businessperson will find it useful and can imbibe the lesson of WIN-WIN-WIN practice in natural health and wellness domain.




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