Glowing Skin

What makes 'My Glowing' one of the foremost herbal supplements for natural skin health and wellbeing

Holistic Herbalist presents 'My Glowing Skin' - herbal supplement for natural skin health. It helps to assist in guarding your skin wellbeing in many unparalleled manner. It could be possible that many of you might not be aware of such type of natural and herbal skincare.

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First and Foremost, Give an in-depth look just Skin-Deep!

My Glowing Skin - Natural, Ayurvedic, Herbal Skincare Supplement

Skin is both one of the most cared and one of the most ignored organ of the body. For many people herbal supplements for skin might be a far off possibility even though they might actually require one.

Even though beauty is not limited to outer appearance, but it really counts.

Can you ever ignore the confident and radiant look and persona it exudes?

First, let me introduce with skin as it plays many more roles that you generally consider.

Hi Friends,

I am your Glowing Skin. I rank first among organs spanning over the largest surface area. I am the largest organs in body.

Except my outermost layer, I am deeply living and breathing organ having rich supply of blood and nerves. I can be somewhere 1.5 to 2 square meter in surface area, having average thickness of 2-3 mm. Each square inch of me contains 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels and 60,000 pigment cells and 1000 nerve endings.

I am the first and foremost defense of the body from external environment and make you waterproof. Without me, life will end in just few hours. Additionally, I have Langerhans cells that helps to defend by working as a part of your immnue system.

Because of me, you are able to feel temperature, touch, pressure, vibration and injury. I add all these dimensions to your life and enrich your life.

Can you ever forget the soft and smooth touch of baby and children, warm hug of people you love, and intimate relationship with your partner? Everything, including sexual intimacy, goes around and through me.

As a human being, you have a present temperature. I help to regulate heat and temperature in body. I regulate the water and electrolyte balance as well.

I tend to work as a store of water and lipid. I provide the cushion like protection for internal organs even in skinny individuals. Even though, I can't support your weight, but I help to synthesize Vitamin D naturally with sunlight and help to keep your bones strong.

Above all, I give great looks and feels to you, makes your first impression. The entire anti-aging industry is supported on the hope to bring me back to youthful days or retard aging effects.

Your Great Friend,
You can call me, 'My Glowing Skin'

PS: 'My Glowing Skin' tries to make my first impression 'the best impression'. Don't worry, you can always improve it with these herbs and make it better.

Sorry! I forgot to mention my role in body language and communication. I act as the true, that few can people can disguise, mirror of your true feelings and emotions.

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Ayurveda Wisdom presented to you in the form of 'My Glowing Skin'?

Neither Ayurveda, nor Holistic Herbalist is against use of cosmetics or natural cosmetics. But we want to translate the wisdom of Ayurveda and herbs for skin wellbeing into a herbal supplement and it is really one of the best way to present it through 'My Glowing Skin'.

Ayurveda mentions skin as as a seat of Bhrajaka Pitta, Vyana Vata and Kledaka Kapha - a dynamic equilibrium of heat, sensations and moisture.

Bhrajaka Pitta refers to metabolic and heat and temperature regulating activities of skin. Vyana Vata is responsible for various nervous sensations that we perceive through skin. Kledaka Kapha helps to balance moisture, softness and suppleness of skin.

Ayurveda described skin as composed of several layers, mentioning their function and matching the 'complexity' of description as found in medical Anatomy. Even, complexion, color, texture and other parameters are explained as they are related with aesthetic and cosmetic sense of skin as well as their relation to skin disorders.

Skin health has close affinity with liver and blood health. Actually some liver and blood detox and cleansing herbs are commonly used for wellbeing of skin.

Use of natural herbs in the form of 'My Glowing Skin' can really provide the true and rather missing element  and you can use it as natural 'Internal Cosmetic' that takes care of this wonderful organ from inside out.

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Why do you need herbs or herbal supplement for skin health?

Skin health and wellbeing can be compromised by many factors such as....

  1. Poor Sleep, Stress, Lack of hydration

  2. Lack of proper nutrients in diet

  3. Menstrual problems in women

  4. Adolescent and teen age Acne, Pimples and Rosacea

  5. Exposure to Sun light

  6. Pregnancy Marks, Hives, Rashes

  7. Skin Allergies like Eczema and Urticaria

  8. Aging and Menopause

  9. Even cosmetics can be harmful

  10. Various other disorders that leave their effects on skin

Holistic Herbalist come forward with a natural support for skin health and wellbeing along the lines of Ayurveda herbs and wisdom. It is all Natural, Safe and Effective combination of Ayurveda herbs that you can use as a herbal supplement.

On a simplified level, 'My Glowing Skin' supports different functions for natural skincare...

  1. A balanced mix of Nurturing and Cleansing Herbs

  2. Healthy stimulation of skin for adequate detoxification

  3. Maintaining the natural moisture, oiliness and color and texture

  4. Blood cleansing and Astringent herbs that supports natural antiaging and help to maintain young looks for longer time

  5. Helpful herbal supplement in skin blemishes and common problems like acne, florid skin, itching

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What is the Herbal Health Recipe of 'My Glowing Skin'?

This dietary herbal supplement has blend of these herbs...

  1. Hemidesmus indicus or Sariva or Indian Sarsaparilla Root Extract
  2. Senna tora or Chakramarda or Sickle-Pod Senna Seed Powder (Don't get confused with laxative herb Senna)
  3. Rubia cordifolia or Manjishtha or Indian Madder Root Extract
  4. Acacia catechu or Khadir or Cutch Tree Bark Extract
  5. Aloe vera or Ghritkumari or Aloe Vera Leaf Pulp Extract
  6. Azadirachta indica or Nimba or Neem Tree Leaf Extract
  7. Curcuma amada or Amragandhi Haridra or Mango Ginger Root Extract
  8. Cullen corylifolium or Bakuchi or Psoralea Seed Powder
  9. Operculina turpethum or Trivritta or Indian Turpeth Rootbark Powder
  10. Commiphora mukul or Guggul or Guggulgum Extract

Herbal Skincare Supplement - My Glowing Skin

Herbs for Skin Health - Herbal Supplement for Skin Health

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablets of 'My Glowing Skin' two times a day after meals. It can be either after breakfast or lunch or dinner.

Other Supportive Herbal Supplements: 'My Active Liver' very well follows with 'My Glowing Skin'.

My Glowing Skin
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